Gece Vurgunu Müzikleri

nightcrawler soundtracks-gece vurgunu muzikleri
Nightcrawler Soundtracks-Gece Vurgunu Müzikleri

Nightcrawler (Gece Vurgunu)

Dan Gilroy'un yazıp yönettiği, başrollerinde; Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, Bill Paxton ve Riz Ahmed'in yer aldığı birbirinden güzel film müzikleri ile Nightcrawler (Gece Vurgunu) 2014 Amerikan yapımı dram, suç, gerilim filmidir.

nightcrawler-gece vurgunu
Nightcrawler-Gece Vurgunu


City Of Angels (feat. C Plus), Patrona De Los Reclusos, Doubt Me, Nightcrawler, Lou's Inspired ve Loder Crashes ağır favorilerimdir ;)

Nightcrawler Music by

James Newton Howard

Nightcrawler Soundtracks (Gece Vurgunu Müzikleri)

nightcrawler soundtracks
Nightcrawler Soundtracks

Songs from the film

City Of Angels (feat. C Plus) / ( All In A JaysWork )

Patrona De Los Reclusos / ( The Latin Brothers )

Doubt Me / ( All In A JaysWork )

Original Score

Lou's Inspired
Driving at Night
Sell the Bike
Loder Crashes
The First Accident
Day to Night
Pictures on the Fridge
The First Night
Entering the House
Edit on the Hood
Lou and Rick on a Roll
Driving at Night, Again
Mount Wilson
The Wrong Way
Watching the House Footage
Lou's Philosophy
Making the News
Search for the Plate
The Newcast
Moving the Body
Chinatown Express
Nina and Frank
The Shootout
Lou's Free
If It Bleeds It Leads
( James Newton Howard )

Song from the official trailer: I'd Love To Change The World